After some postponement due to COVID-19 we finally got our first BOLD Conversation off the ground.   BOLD member and student of applied physics from Tuzla, Melika Damadzić was our first moderator and did a fabulous job.  We started with some minor technical problems and had a complicated network of Embassy interpreters, the BOLD Team hosting the event, the Ambassador, and Mr. Hošo to manage.  Melika handled it all perfectly.
Mr. Hošo talked a lot about his journey to becoming a successful businessman, reminding everyone that road to leadership success takes trial and error and the willingness to take on risk and to fail a few times before you succeed.  The way to get through those failures and move forward requires integrity, authenticity, hard work, and some luck.  There was great participation from the participants.  Excellent questions came up about leadership, decision-making, and risk.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time to ask all the questions, but you can continue the conversation on the Facebook Group page.  You can also watch the entire conversation here.  This is an ongoing series, so watch for the next #BOLDConversations when we will select another BOLD member to moderate.  Let’s keep the conversation going!